Dennis Rodman Dishes on Jail Time, NSFW Injuries on Kevin Hart's YouTube Show 'Cold as Balls'

Last Tuesday, comedian Kevin Hart made his return to YouTube with the Season 3 premiere of his interview show, Cold as Balls, in which he interviewed NBA star Chris Paul. Now he is diving deep into the cold tub with another player. The second episode features a discussion with former Chicago Bulls star Dennis Rodman.

As someone with a colorful history both on and off the court, Rodman is a player that would elicit a considerable number of questions about a wide variety of topics. Hart strives to cover all of the bases during this discussion in the cold tub, asking the former Bulls player about his relationship with Carmen Electra, his friendship with North Korean Supreme Leader/Chicago Bulls fan Kim Jong Un, and donning a wedding dress to marry himself. The entire discussion can be watched on Kevin Hart's Laugh Out Loud YouTube channel.

"I was doing a book signing thing in New York," Rodman said about showing up in a wedding dress. "I was in a hotel thinking, 'what should I do? What should I wear?' So I just came up with this thing, I said, 'I'll just wear a wedding dress, and I'll marry myself.' I just came to it out of the blue."

During this conversation, Rodman also revealed that he was nearly kicked out of the NBA by former commissioner David Stern. The reason was that he had "too many" tattoos. As the former Bulls player said, he was told that he would be kicked out if he got any more ink, so he responded by going to get even more.

Instead of removing him from the NBA, however, Stern and the league actually began to embrace Rodman's unique personality due to the fanbase also accepting him. Based on this, the five-time NBA Champion believes that he actually paved the way for the new era of players that now have full sleeves of tattoos.

Of course, there is also a discussion about Rodman breaking a specific part of his anatomy three separate times. This NSFW injury actually coined a new term in the medical world. The official diagnosis for Rodman's injury was "a contusion of the c---."


New episodes of Cold As Balls are scheduled to air each Tuesday on Kevin Hart’s Laugh Out Loud channel, the Laugh Out Loud app and Upcoming guests include Dallas Mavericks owner Mark Cuban, Olympic athlete Lolo Jones, former WWE champions the Bella Twins, FOX Sports sideline reporter Erin Andrews, Fortnite legend Ninja and more.

(Photo Credit: Laugh Out Loud)