Carolina Panthers Fan Downs Close to 20 Beers During Sunday's Game

When the Carolina Panthers left Bank of America Stadium on Sunday, they did so feeling the pain of a season-opening loss. Head coach Ron Rivera's team had just fallen to the defending NFC Champion Los Angeles Rams by a score of 30-27. The game was close, but the Panthers couldn't achieve when necessary, which left a bitter taste in the mouths of the players.

For one Panthers fan, however, there was a very different taste in his mouth – beer. During the game, a photo surfaced on Twitter and Instagram, showing a man in a Christian McCaffrey jersey mid-swig on his Miller Lite. Nothing spectacular overall, but what made this photo unique was the sheer amount of empty cans under his seat. It's difficult to tell from the angle of the photo exactly how many beers had been downed by this fan, but there were at least 16 empties.

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While it's difficult to determine the exact reason for this man's copious drinking on Sunday, there are some reasonable theories. First off, quarterback Cam Newton was not performing in a manner that fans have come to expect. The Panthers QB is known for exciting touchdown runs and two or three touchdown passes per game, but Cam did not deliver either. He actually finished the afternoon with 239 yards through the air and one interception. As a runner, he finished with negative two yards. Newton also lost a fumble.

For fans that have come to view Newton as Superman, this lack of production was very jarring. Was it the primary reason for this fan downing close to 20 beers?

The other potential reason for these purchases is that he may just really like Miller Lite. After all, this is the official beer of the Carolina Panthers, and he could have been staying on brand. Still, dropping an estimated $100 on beer (per the 2018 price of $5.50 per beer) is a powerful move.


What makes this fascinating is that the Carolina Panthers have two strict policies that likely changed this fan's strategy. They only sell two beers at a time to each person, and they cut off alcohol sales at the end of the third quarter. This means that the fan had to make an estimated nine trips to the concession stand in the first three quarters of the game.

No matter the reasoning behind his drinking, it's still an impressive feat that this Panthers fan drank what appears to be nearly 20 beers in the span of three or four hours. That's simply staggering.