Bubba Wallace's Girlfriend Amanda Carter Posted Powerful Message Amid Noose Investigation

Bubba Wallace might not have been a target for a hate crime following the noose investigation, but he will still be an activist for the Black Lives Matter movement. Amanda Carter, the girlfriend of Wallace, is also all about the Black Lives Matter movement as she recently posted a powerful message on Instagram. Carter shared a photo that read "Black Lives Matter" with a lengthy message.

"There is so much I want to say and so much I don't know how to say or have the words," she wrote. "Below are just a few thoughts. THERE IS SO MUCH WORK TO BE DONE." Carter started off by writing: "The fact that people think it's okay to commit a hate crime is not a surprise but a disappointment, especially this close to home." She also said the apparent noose found in Wallace's garage was "not okay." She continued to write: "We must lift each other up, support and protect our friends, family, loved ones."

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Carter's next point was the conversation must continue. She also pointed at herself because "we all have prejudice and need to take action to change that and prevent it from becoming racism." Carter then told her followers to not "rely on the black community to answer all your questions." She encouraged them to read books watch moves and listen to podcasts to get more information.

"Thank you to those who have been working toward a better future whether that is in private or public, these waves will bring change," Carter continued. "Additionally thank you to all of my friends, family and of course Darrell's fans who have reached out with support I share your messages with him and he appreciates it too."

Carter posted this message before the FBI ended its investigation. However, Wallace had spoken out against racial and social injustice before the noose incident as he asked NASCAR to ban Confederate flags at races. NASCAR agreed, and it led to some backlash among fans. It even led to one Truck Series driver, Ray Ciccarelli, announcing he's quitting when the season comes to an end.


"Bravo. Props to NASCAR and everybody involved," Wallace said once he heard the news. "This has been a stressful couple weeks. This is no doubt the biggest race of my career tonight. And it couldn't be at a more perfect place, where I got my first win in the Truck Series in 2013. Followed it up with that second win in 2014."