Browns QB Baker Mayfield Shaved Handlebar Mustache, Didn't 'Deserve It'

Last Sunday, Cleveland Browns quarterback Baker Mayfield made headlines, not for his play, but for the fact that he shaved two separate times. He arrived at the stadium with a beard, shaved down to a handlebar mustache for the game, and then arrived for his postgame presser with even less facial hair. There were many that were curious about multiple changes, but Mayfield quickly explained his reasoning by simply saying that he "didn't deserve it."

Wednesday afternoon, the second-year QB met with reporters to answer questions about the state of the Browns and what has been a disappointing season based on the summer expectations. However, he was also asked about shaving off the handlebar mustache.

"The quarterbacks had a Movember mustache," Mayfield said. "The original thought for me, 'do handlebars.' That was undefeated before Sunday, with the handlebar mustache. So I shaved it off because I didn't deserve it."

During the loss to the Broncos on Sunday, Mayfield and the Browns' offense struggled. He only completed just over 50 percent of his throws and only tossed one touchdown while the running backs finished with fewer than 100 yards on the ground.

Even with former first-round pick Odell Beckham Jr. on the field, the Browns couldn't capitalize and make essential plays when needed. This continued a trend that has been the focus throughout the 2019 season as the Browns have struggled to move the ball and score points.

According to Jake Trotter of ESPN, Cleveland ranks 26th in the NFL in offensive efficiency, which is highlighted by the lack of touchdowns through the air. Coming off a rookie season in which he threw for 27 touchdowns and 14 interceptions, Mayfield was expected to make a leap to even more production. Instead, he only has seven throws that resulted in scores but has tossed 12 interceptions in only eight games.

Mayfield was asked about this lack of offensive execution and how the Browns can make some midseason adjustments. In response, he shared a very simple strategy.

"Just stay the course," Mayfield said, per "I think no matter what's going on I think we've made strides in certain areas that we needed to, but now we just need to make the plays when they're there. We have to execute when it's in the red zone. We have to do those obvious things that we lost because of. Continue to stay the course and improve each week. We know right now, eight games left in the season, just have a single-week focus coming into it and do our job."


If the Browns can right the proverbial ship and start showcasing better production on offense, there is an opportunity for this team to finish the season strong and build optimism for 2020. Additionally, Mayfield will possibly be able to regrow the handlebar mustache and regain some of his swagger.

(Photo Credit: Justin Edmonds/Getty)