Britt Baker, AEW Wrestler, Flexes in New Workout Photo

Dr. Britt Baker, the first female in-ring performer signed to All Elite Wrestling's roster, is one of the promotion's biggest stars. She previously lost to Thunder Rosa in the Women's World Championship Eliminator and is continuing to prepare for her next challenge with grueling workouts. Baker posted evidence on social media showing that the work is having a positive effect.

The star professional wrestler posted a photo on Instagram that showed her flexing for the camera. A rack of weights sat in the background but drew less attention than Baker's biceps. "[Zachary Rochette] is a real one," Baker wrote in the caption of her photo. "Not only because he’s a great trainer and puts up with my BS- but also because he was pinned between the squat rack and the wall while crouching underneath the bar to get this pic w/ the good lighting."

The flexing pose is not the only workout post on Baker's profile. She also posted a video showing off the work that she has been doing to keep in tip-top shape. This clip showed her on a Rogue Fitness while holding a bumper plate above her head. She proceeded to do weighted sit-ups.

"Shoutout to my dude [Zachary Rochette] at [StudioFit Training] for kicking my a— in the gym and getting me back on track since being injured. We aren’t playin around this year! [How Many More?]"


Baker is possibly the most unique wrestler on the AEW roster due to how she spends her time away from the ring. She is a dentist in real life and provides care for a number of patients. Some show up in AEW shirts and want to talk about being a wrestler while others are unaware about Baker's side gig. She even used a dental office as the setting for an All Out 2020 match.

"For the vignettes shot with Reba, that was my real office," Baker told Bleacher Report in early February. "With Big Swole, it was actually a co-worker of mine from a couple of years ago who had just bought a new office. They had just painted the walls and had some equipment in there, but they weren't done moving in yet. It was perfect because we could get the camera and the crew in there without having to worry about breaking anything."