WWE's Braun Strowman Prepares for Battle Ahead for Grocery Store Run Amid Coronavirus Pandemic

Braun Strowman is ready to take on anyone who battles him at the grocery store. Earlier this week, the WWE Superstar took to Instagram to post his attire for the day and he was seen in army gear while holding a sword.

In the caption, Strowman, whose real name is Adam Scherr, said he was going to the grocery store and with the coronavirus pandemic going on, he knew it was going to be battle. He wrote, "Gonna go try and get a loaf of bread at the store!!!!!! Wish me luck." His comment led to a number of responses from fans.

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"Those enemy soldiers are going to be terrified until they look at his Crocs," one fan wrote.

"I see you walking towards me I would hand over not only the bread but everything in my cart [laughing out loud]," another fan wrote.

"You can just walk up to them & they’ll hand it to you!! No weapons needed lol," a third fan added.

Strowman might have the right idea when it comes to his battle gear. With pandemic growing, people continue to stock up at the grocery store as they remain in their homes. People have been so frustrated due to the items being sold out, it has led to fights across the country.

"[The novel coronavirus] is engendering a sort of survivalist psychology, where we must live as much as possible at home and thus must 'stock up' on essentials, and that certainly includes toilet paper," Frank Farley, professor at Temple University and former president of the American Psychological Association, told CNN earlier this week. "After all, if we run out of [toilet paper], what do we replace it with?"


As for Strowman, he continues to work with the rest of the WWE Superstars as the promotion is not postponing their scheduled events. Instead, the events have been moved to the WWE Performance Center in Orlando, Florida and they are held with no fans. That will be the case for WrestleMania 36 as the show will be seen on the WWE Network, but fans will not be at the performance center to see it live.

"In coordination with local partners and government officials, WrestleMania and all related events in Tampa Bay will not take place," WWE said in a statement. "However, WrestleMania will still stream live on Sunday, April 5 at 7 pm ET on WWE Network and be available on pay-per-view. Only essential personnel will be on the closed set at WWE's training facility in Orlando, Florida to produce WrestleMania."