Big & Rich's 'Comin’ to Your City' Named ESPN 'College GameDay' Theme Song for 15th Season

With the college football season in full swing once again, ESPN's College GameDay is setting the stage for the biggest matches each week, provided the teams are playing. This also means that a song by Big and Rich will once again serve as the theme. ESPN will use the duo's "Coming to Your City" as the theme for the 15th season.

ESPN announced the move in a press release on Saturday and confirmed the return of the popular song. The company confirmed that fans could tune in every Saturday morning to hear the anthem. While bringing back the Big and Rich song does provide some normalcy for the viewers at home, the situation is slightly different. The duo has traveled to several College GameDay events and performed in front of multitudes of fans. This is not possible in 2020 due to COVID-19 guidelines.

"Comin' To Your City" compliments the show's theme so well. As it features numerous cities throughout the U.S., "College GameDay" has visited 100's of cities and schools since it left the studio to go on location in 1993. The pre-game show follows the season's storylines as it determines its next stop.

"'Comin' To Your City' is always a crowd-pleaser at our live shows," said Big Kenny and John Rich in a press release. "We have been honored to have one of our favorites stand the test of time as the theme song for one of America's most popular shows." College GameDay routinely draws massive crowds — when permitted — as well as large audiences at home.

With this news, football fans expressed several different opinions. Some said that they love the song and always turn it up in preparation for the college football TV show. Others joked about ESPN keeping Big and Rich employed. However, many others wanted to proclaim that they are against the tradition. Having the song as the theme once again meant that "they would watch with the TV on mute."


Regardless of their opinions, the fans have continued to express excitement about the return of College GameDay. They had previously expressed concern about missing out on football due to the pandemic but learned that some teams were still taking part in the season. Although the Big Ten and PAC-12 still haven't provided a glimmer of hope for those at home. Instead of rooting for Ohio State, USC, Michigan, Oregon State or other teams from the two conferences, they have prepared for Kansas and Marshall.