Baker Mayfield Channels Tom Selleck With New Mustache

Cleveland Browns quarterback Baker Mayfield just debuted a bold, new look for training camp. Throughout his rookie season, the number one overall pick in the 2018 NFL Draft was defined by both his bold personality as well as his facial hair. Mayfield created hope in Ohio with his plays on the field and proved to be one of the most exciting figures in the league.

Entering year two, the beard is gone, but the same bold attitude remains. Mayfield is still focused on taking the Browns to the playoffs for the first time since 2002, but he will be doing so with a mustache.

The second-year quarterback was seen without his beard while he was stretching on Monday in anticipation of practice. It was a surprising moment for the team, but the Browns didn’t hesitate before posting a photo of Mayfield’s new look on Twitter.

Of course, the mentions were immediately filled with some inappropriate jokes about his new career choice, as well as some tasteful photographs of great mustaches throughout cinematic history. Longtime actor Sam Elliott (Road House, Tombstone) was obviously included.

Does this new look mean that Mayfield is turning another corner in his career and is about to become one of the league’s best players? At this point, it’s undecided, but one thing remains clear: Mayfield’s mustache rivals the one worn by Aaron Rodgers throughout his career.

Additionally, it further drives home the point that Mayfield is becoming a culture-changer in Cleveland. Previous quarterbacks for this team couldn’t pull off the bucket hat and mustache combination, but Mayfield manages just that.

“I would [agree],” Mayfield told Sports Illustrated. “It’s being the same guy every day, not really giving a sh-- about what’s going on the outside, setting the expectations, and working for it. Really, taking pride in being a good teammate. … And speaking my mind.”


The Browns’ young quarterback may have only been a member of this team for one regular season, but he is already making waves on social media. His 2018 comment about “waking up feeling dangerous” was turned into a t-shirt, and his new look is making the rounds on Twitter. How much time will pass before there are t-shirts released featuring his new mustache?

Love or hate the Browns, it’s impossible to deny that Mayfield is one fascinating figure. Everything he does draws attention, and this trend will only continue now that wide receiver Odell Beckham Jr. is on his team. Will this popularity result in even more facial hair changes throughout the season? One can only hope.