Antonio Brown Teases New Album for 2020, and Fans Lose It

Former New England Patriots wide receiver Antonio Brown has been turning heads recently while using the hashtag "#nowhitewoman2020." There were many that were initially confused about this term, but Brown has since provided a semblance of clarity. He revealed on Tuesday that No More White Woman 2020 will actually be the name of his upcoming album.

The free-agent receiver provided this information on Twitter when he posted a photo that he referred to as his "album teaser." In the pixelated image, Brown's official NFL headshot was photoshopped onto a red, white, and blue background. "No More White Woman 2020" was written out in a font reminiscent of a campaign poster.

Considering that this Brown, it was expected that this photo would generate a significant number of responses. Although some users were simply focused on what went into creating this album teaser.

"The Obama logo adaptation had me weak," one user wrote after coming across this album teaser.

Another said that the photo "looks like a terrible presidential campaign ad."

While many social media users were caught off-guard by the design of this album teaser, others didn't really care what it looked like. Instead, they wanted to make it very clear that they are signing up for a permanent subscription to Brown's social media channels.

"I'm cancelling [sic] all of my cable subscriptions, Netflix, etc. and just staying tuned to whatever you're doing/saying/tweeting/rapping. Can't put a price on this type of chaos/entertainment," one user wrote in response to Brown's album teaser.

While Brown has been drawing attention for posting about his Bentley or former relationship with Chelsie Kyriss, he has also been working on music. As his Instagram Stories have shown, there have been other musicians at his house, and he even has a microphone set up to record lyrics.

Brown has made it very clear that he is moving full speed ahead with this upcoming album, and he even put out a call to make the official photoshoot happen. As he wrote on Tuesday, the receiver is seeking 20 "beautiful white women" that can be part of a photoshoot for No More White Woman 2020.


With news surfacing that Brown could be facing a suspension of at least six games, his NFL future is undecided. The free-agent receiver has previously expressed hope of returning to the field, but this may not be happening in the near future. For now, he will work on getting No More White Woman 2020 finished and available for his fans.

(Photo Credit: Kevin Mazur/WireImage/Getty)