Oakland Raiders Player Antonio Brown Sued by Famous Personal Trainer

Oakland Raiders wide receiver, Antonio Brown is known for his workouts, but one trainer is [...]

Oakland Raiders wide receiver, Antonio Brown is known for his workouts, but one trainer is claiming he wasn't paid for his services this offseason.

Sean Pena, the personal trainer who began working with Brown this offseason, is suing the wide receiver, according to TMZ Sports. The suit alleges that Brown owes the trainer thousands of dollars from a week-long training program during the offseason.

Pena is best known for working with top-shelf athletes such as Darius Leonard of the Indianapolis Colts and MLB pitcher, Matt Moore. Brown was another famous athlete that worked with the trainer in order to improve his game, but this relationship will end on a sour note.

According to the court documents and TMZ, Pena is suing for $7,194.81 for "unpaid therapy and training services; agreed-upon reimbursement for hotels, airfare, rental car, and [miscellaneous fees], in addition to late penalties disclosed on the accepted invoice."

Pena originally flew up to Northern California to train Brown at the University of California Berkeley. The pair spent time lifting weights, working on foot speed drills, and improving Brown's balance.

According to Brown's attorney, Darren Heitner, there is no basis for this lawsuit. Heitner told TMZ that, "Mr. Brown has already paid the Plaintiff everything that he was due. The Plaintiff has no foundation for coming after Mr. Brown, and we will ensure that this case is disposed of quickly."

Entering his first season with the Oakland Raiders, the hope is that Brown will be less of a distraction off the field than he was in Pittsburgh. Unfortunately for the Silver and Black, that hasn't been the case.

During this offseason, Brown has dealt with issues surrounding the lawn care of his Pittsburgh home, he accepted a plea deal for speeding, and he has settled a case from last year in which he was being sued for throwing furniture off a balcony and nearly hitting a young child. This latest lawsuit is only another distraction for Brown and the Raiders.

As someone that prides himself on being in tip-top shape, Brown has constantly worked with multiple trainers in order to improve his strength, flexibility, and speed. Maintaining his level of productivity after entering his 30s won't be easy, but these professionals are able to help delay the inevitable decline. Although this pending lawsuit could make it more difficult for Brown to find more trainers to work with.

To drive the point home about Brown's tireless training, a video surfaced earlier in the offseason showing him working out in a very unique drill. He was seen jogging in place but with the added difficulty of putting his feet on a Bosu ball and then back onto the ground at a breakneck pace. To really test his skills, a trainer known as Dr. Reef was tossing tennis balls to Brown.

The veteran receiver had to maintain his pace, avoid tripping on the Bosu ball, and catch two or three tennis balls at the same time. This drill is next-level difficult, but Brown pulled it off with ease.