Antonio Brown Speaks out About Returning to the NFL, and These Comments Are Absurd

Antonio Brown recently announced he's done playing in the NFL, but it looks like that's not the case. On Thursday, Brown went to Twitter to say that he still wants to play. First, Brown tweeted, "I'm still the best. Why stop now?" Comedian Will Noonan responded to Brown and said, "Bro. Let's try and play for 4 NFL teams this year." Brown agreed with him by saying "Big 4X." Later, Brown tweeted, "The game need me. I'm like test answers."

Of course, the comments from fans started to pour in once Brown tweeted. One fan wrote, "You're number 1 at something for sure," followed by a video posted of a clown.

Another fan wrote, "AB thinking about the idea of another voided contract," and shows a photo of Michael Scott from The Office."

Another fan showed Brown's tweet of him saying he's done with the NFL and putting that with the tweet where he said he's coming back.

And yet another fan added, "Shouldn't you be in school," since he said he's taking classes at Central Michigan University.

What Brown had to say about his return does go with what his agent, Drew Rosenhaus said on Wednesday. He was talking to former NFL defensive lineman Warren Sapp on the 99 Problems podcast and said Brown is ready to play again.

"I believe that Antonio wants to continue his career in the NFL," Rosenhaus told Sapp. "I have had discussions with a few teams that are very interested in him and want to know about his future and what's going on with the NFL. Hopefully, when that is all resolved, Antonio will be able to continue his Hall of Fame career."


Brown was cut by the New England Patriots last week after signing with the team one week prior. He played in just one game and caught four passes for 56 yards and one touchdown against the Miami Dolphins. The reason Brown was released by the Patriots for allegedly sending "intimidating" text messages to a woman accusing Brown of sexual misconduct. Along with that, Brown is being sued by his former trainer, Britney Taylor for sexual assault. The NFL has already interviewed Taylor and they plan to do the same with Brown.

Drafted by the Pittsburgh Steelers in 2010, Brown has been named to the Pro Bowl seven times and he's been named to the All-Pro team five times.