Antonio Brown Excited About Top Google Ranking, Compares Himself to Superman

Former New England Patriots wide receiver Antonio Brown has been creating headlines over the past year with posts on social media and appearances in public. This has led to him being one of the most recognizable names in the country and on social media. In fact, Brown was the top-searched athlete on Google in 2019, which he says "means a lot."

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Speaking with Complex in an exclusive interview, Brown dished on the recent months and the headlines that he has created. Part of this discussion revolved around his presence on Google and the fact that he is searched so frequently by sports fans and everyday citizens. In Brown's opinion, this only solidifies his status as a leader.

"Going No. 1 on Google means a lot. A lot of people around the world are looking to me for leadership or motivation because I'm me," Brown said. "Understanding that I'm No. 1 on Google allowed me to understand that I need to be a good leader because a lot of people looking for me and a lot of people watching this stuff."

Brown continued by saying that leadership is important to him. He wants to set an example for the kids in the community and serve as a good example for them. Part of this is spending time in the Miami communities in which he grew up and working with them at his gym, 84/7 Fitness.

"Superman don't come to our neighborhoods. For a lot of people in our community, I'm like Superman to them," Brown said. "Kind of went away and did something cool and then came back to be that example."

With Brown not on an active roster, he has been spending considerably more time at his home in Miami. He has mostly been working on his upcoming rap album, which actually won't be called "No White Woman 2020," but he has also spent time running routes at a local field with the community kids.

The free-agent receiver may be a very divisive figure due to allegations of sexual assault and the sheer number of tweets directed at his former teammates and franchises that have brought him to town, but he believes that he is making a positive difference in the community. This is one reason why he believes he is the top searched athlete on Google.


Photo Credit: Doug Murray/Icon Sportswire via Getty Images