Alex Rodriguez Claims 'Baby Yoda Is a Yankees Fan' in Peculiar Instagram Image

"Baby Yoda" has been trending since Disney+ began airing The Mandalorian last month, and one baseball legend has taken the "Baby Yoda" craze to the next level. Alex Rodriguez went to Instagram so share a photo of the Star Wars character in Yankees gear. Does this mean that that "Baby Yoda" is a fan of the pinstripes?

"News alert !!! Baby Yoda is a [YANKEES] FAN. 'Games, we shall win. A Jedi's strength flows from the Pinstripes,'" Rodriguez wrote on Instagram. That led to a number of fans commenting on the post.

"[A Rod] stop it! Trying to ruin my day?!" wrote one fan.

Another fan talked about the time when Rodriguez's main squeeze, Jennifer Lopez was asked if she knew about "Baby Yoda." The fan wrote how "the interview Jen had with the one guy asking if she knew who baby yoda was and when she realized who it was, it was so cute."

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Another fan took it as if the Yankees were going to win the World Series next year: "Ya damn right brother! The World Series, we must win."

Meanwhile, another fan believes "Baby Yoda" is from New York: "Dressed like a true New Yorker: Timbs, Yankees fitted, and Arod jersey!"

"Baby Yoda" is a big reason why The Mandalorian is a big hit for Disney+. But why does everyone love him?

"When we think about why something is cute, the scientific reason is there is this idea of baby schema," Professor Katherine Stavropoulos told Yahoo Lifestyle. "Baby Yoda is an exact example of this: really big eyes, small nose, chubby cheeks. These are prototypical infantile features that make it look young, like a baby. Those are the ones we react to the most strongly and are drawn to."

That's why people like Rodriguez like to dress him up. In the meantime, the former Yankees star is enjoying the retired life and preparing to get married to Lopez. It's not clear when or where the wedding will happen, but Rodriguez wants a small ceremony.

"We're trying to think a little bit smaller," Rodriguez said with a smile on The Tonight Show last month after Fallon said they should get married at the Super Bowl where Lopez is performing at halftime.


Whenever they get married, it's clear "Baby Yoda" has to be a part of it.