Alabama Fans Think Donald Trump Might Have Cursed Them Due to LSU Loss

Saturday afternoon, President Donald Trump was on hand for the highly-anticipated battle between the LSU Tigers and Alabama Crimson Tide in Tuscaloosa. Despite protests, he reportedly received a warm welcome within the confines of the stadium, but the situation changed when Nick Saban's home team ultimately lost. Fans have now even begun saying that the president cursed their favorite team.

With Heisman Trophy contender Tua Tagovailoa struggling to move the offense early, there were initial concerns about the team dealing with karmic repercussions after cheering for a divisive figure in Trump. These cries only increased as the game progressed.

With this loss at home, the Crimson Tide saw the end of a 31-game streak come to an end after four years. For many fans, this was only the latest sign of the "Trump Curse."

While there were many that simply said this curse was the reason for a lost football game, there were many others that actually wanted to explain that this outcome isn't limited to sporting events. There were some on social media that wrote "everything Trump touches dies" as an explanation for many events in recent years.

Alabama fans were certainly unhappy about the game's outcome, but those that severely dislike Saban and his team were overjoyed about the perceived curse. In fact, some football fans even reached out to the president on Twitter and asked him to purchase season tickets.

Adding to this belief of a curse was the outcome of the World Series. When Trump made an appearance at Game 5, he was met with boos from the Washington Nationals fans, as well as a banner saying that he should be impeached. They would go on to win the first World Series in team history. The supportive Alabama, on the other hand, lost the biggest game of the season and is in danger of missing out on the College Football Playoffs.

Since 2015, Alabama has made five appearances in the newly-formed playoff system, winning two National Championships and losing two. They have the most appearances of any team in college football, but this loss to LSU puts the streak in danger and provides Clemson with the opportunity to tie for the lead.


If Alabama does indeed miss out on the playoffs, ceding to another team, would this be the fault of President Trump? In the eyes of the fans, the answer is a resounding yes.

Photo Credit: Todd Kirkland/Getty