AJ Styles' Wikipedia Changed to Show He 'Died' During WrestleMania Boneyard Match With Undertaker

Saturday night, The Undertaker and AJ Styles faced off with each other during a boneyard match. This was viewed as the best part of WrestleMania 36 by many fans, especially after The Undertaker "buried" Styles alive. Judging by Styles' Wikipedia page, this was a fatal moment considering that his date of death was briefly listed as April 4, 2020.

Eagle-eyed fans spotted the Wiki edits on Saturday night after the conclusion of WrestleMania 36. In addition to Styles being listed as dead, there was also an extra bit of text explaining The Undertaker's role. According to the entry, the veteran wrestler is facing "20-25 years" for the murder. Although he is apparently claiming that he killed Styles in self-defense.

The pre-taped battle between the two wrestlers drew considerable attention for several reasons, including The Undertaker's fighting a group of druids midway through the match. He faced off with the horde and easily won, which only set the stage for his eventual victory over Styles.

This match, which featured camera tricks and edits to give it a cinematic feel, ended when Undertaker threw his opponent off a barn roof and through some stairs. He then kicked Styles into an open grave before hopping onto a tractor and using dirt to bury him alive. The final shot was a lone hand sticking out of the dirt.

While Wikipedia did list Styles as being dead following this match, it was later revealed that his hand was not the one used in the shot. According to WhatCulture.com, this was actually a fake prop hand that The Undertaker had found in the days leading up to this boneyard match. He then suggested sticking it into the dirt as an homage to his attempt to survive In Your House: Buried Alive in October 1996.

The exclusive article also revealed that this boneyard match was not filmed at the WWE Performance Center in Orlando. Instead, the sports-entertainment organization actually constructed the set at an unknown location in Florida. Local production workers in the Orange County community were hired to construct the intricate set in a matter of five days, keeping them busy during a time when businesses were shutting down due to the COVID-19 outbreak.

This set was constructed in five days and the actual match was filmed over the course of eight hours on March 25-26. The wrestlers made a considerable mess and resulted in a week-long cleanup for the production crew.


(Photo Credit: Che Rosales/Getty Images)