AEW Star Jade Cargill on Her Workout Routine: 'It's Changed Tremendously' (Exclusive)

Jade Cargill is one of the most dominant athletes in professional wrestling as she has an undefeated record while competing in All Elite Wrestling. And based on her appearance, Cargill knows how to stay in shape and work hard in the gym. In an exclusive interview with, the 30-year-old talked about how much her workout routine has changed after making the transition from college basketball star to pro wrestling champion. 

"A lot. Well, I'm trying to get back to it," Cargill exclusively told PopCulture. "I used to live 90 pounds overhead in college when I played college ball at Jacksonville University. So right now I'm trying to get back to that. But instead of doing a lot of squats, for example, I do leg press. So I try to compensate and do two for one because I'm not trying to burn myself out too much. And I'm trying to more so maintain rather than get big, if that makes sense. So I'm not trying to over-exhaust myself. I take rest days, like tomorrow I'm going to take a rest day."

Cargill continued: "Before I could go seven days a week and crush it every day and do a full body workout. Now I do legs about three days a week, and I do my upper body twice a week, and then I have two days where I go and I train for wrestling. Well three, if you count Wednesdays, which is a day. But it's changed tremendously."

Cargill's workout routine is one of the reasons she's the reigning TBS Champion and has held onto the title for a year. She also uses a pre-workout supplement called Bucked Up which has helped her have the energy to have a productive workout. "We don't have an off-season. And so I'm so used to prior to being a professional wrestler, having at least two months where I can get in yoga, or just go and stretch, or just take light walks. And being that I always have to 24/7 look like I'm ready to walk out there and beat somebody's butt," Cargill said when asked about Bucked Up. 

"It gets me through my workout. I just got back from El Paso. I'm tired, I have to go get a workout. So I'm going to take that pre-workout for me to get past all this travel that I'm going through. But also, I took their energy drinks. And so being that we have no offseason and we have to come back home and live normal lives, or we travel every week, their energy drinks help me get through the day. So just having their products in general, it just helps me get through so much."