Aaron Rodgers Gives Promising Update on Toe Injury

Aaron Rodgers could have surgery on his toe. But based on what the Green Bay Packers quarterback had to say during his weekly appearance on The Pat McAfee Show, it looks like Rodgers will hold off on going under the knife. Rodgers talked about going to Los Angeles during the Packers bye week to visit a doctor to get a second opinion on his toe. 

"I did get some great information about my foot. There was nothing really revolutionary," Rodgers said, per Pro Football Talk. "There was no mindset change or anything. The biggest key is rest. I wish that there was another one of these [bye] weeks, so I could get 14 to 21 great days without doing anything. But the toe is improving and we'll see how it feels later in the week."

Rodgers didn't completely rule out the possibility of getting surgery but it's an option he's trying to avoid. "I think any decision that's made would be one that allows me to play. I'm not going to miss any games," Rodgers said. "I've, obviously, played with much bigger injuries, different parts of my body. And although it's a small pinky toe, it's definitely painful and creates some issues. But I'm not going to miss any games because of it."

On Monday, Packers head coach Matt LaFleur was asked if Rodgers was going to have surgery on his toe. "Not to my knowledge," LaFleur said in his Monday press conference. "I don't believe so, no." LaFleur continued. "I know he was getting treatment and doing everything he can to be 100 percent. I still think it's a process, like anything, and we'll see where he's' at this week. Hopefully, we can get him out there at practice, but if not we've got a lot of confidence in just his ability to go out there and play at a high level."


Rodgers has no interest in taking any time off as the Packers have the second-best record in the NFC (9-3) and only one game behind the Arizona Cardinals for the best record in the conference. Rodgers has played in 11 of the Packers' 12 games this year and has thrown for 2,878 yards, 23 touchdowns and just four interceptions.