Aaron Rodgers and Teammate Tease Retirement With 'Last Dance' Photos

Aaron Rodgers keeps people guessing about his future in Green Bay, and his Packers teammate is joining in on the fun. Rodgers and Davante Adams, also having contract talks with the team, both posted an image of Michael Jordan and Scottie Pippen from their Bulls playing days. Many instantly tied it to The Last Dance and any parallels that might exist with Rodgers and Adams' situation.

The NFL MVP and his wide receiver teammate could either be teasing that they're ready to return for one last ride with the team, potentially into the offseason. They could also be teasing that they're taking their talents elsewhere, eventually, but who knows. The fact is that both players posted the image and the rumor mill jumped to life.

Rodgers has kept many guessing, including the Green Bay Packers, all throughout the offseason. He has not hidden his unhappiness about the team and the future of his career, staying from the team's minicamp, taking vacations instead and hosting Jeopardy! in the meantime. There has also been contract talks, with Rodgers turning down a contract extension and keeping his playing status this season very quiet.

The Last Dance reference is pretty clear to CBS Sports. According to the outlet, Rodgers and Adams have made their intentions for the upcoming season clear. They might play for the Packers, they might walk away with a championship but it's likely the last ride they'll have together in green and yellow.

Another big reason Rodgers may have different priorities today is his relationship with fiancee Shailene Woodley. The Packers QB shocked many by hinting that he was engaged during the NFL Awards ceremony in his MVP acceptance speech. From there, the news traveled fast and both have shared their connection in interviews and on social media. Woodley even hinted at the reasons behind Rodgers' issues with the Packers from her perspective. Retweeting a video from ESPN's Stephen A. Smith, the actress showed she could be somewhat cryptic too.


"The bottom line is this: it's not about football. It's not just about the money, and it certainly isn't about football," Smith says in the video. "The Green Bay Packers were 13-3 in back-to-back years under Matt LaFleur as the head coach. They went to back-to-back NFC Championship Games, which means they were part of the final four for two consecutive years. This is not about football. This is about the way that the Green Bay Packers have treated their star player. They have disregarded him. They have dismissed him. They have minimized him. They disrespected him, and he said 'bump y'all."