Aaron Hernandez's Patriots Teammate Devin McCourty Dismisses 'Killer Inside' Netflix Series: 'I Wasn't a Fan'

The Netflix three-part documentary about former New England Patriots tight end Aaron Hernandez has been turning heads and sparking conversations since its release. The viewers have been fascinated by Killer Inside: The Mind of Aaron Hernandez, but one former teammate didn't quite enjoy the experience. Patriots safety Devin McCourty was not a fan.

The veteran defensive back discussed the Netflix documentary with his brother, Jason, during an episode of "Double Coverage With the McCourty Twins." McCourty was a teammate of Hernandez's from 2010-12. As he explained, the biggest issues for him were the unexpected repercussions, as well as some of the interviews.

"I wasn't a fan," McCourty said during the podcast. "And I think the thing that was really disgusting about the whole thing wasn't the documentary's fault per se, but I was listening to the radio today, and because the documentary has come out and now everyone's talking about 'Hey, did you see it? What happened?' the family of Odin Lloyd has received messages via social media, people sending letters, like, telling them they did a horrible thing and they brought Hernandez down."

This was not McCourty's only issue with the documentary. He also discussed the fact that some of the inside sources into Hernandez's mind may not have had the best insight. They did not have the most time with the former tight end, so it wasn't really possible for them to have that information.

"The documentary's called, like, 'Getting Into the Mind of Aaron Hernandez.' How?" McCourty continued. "You interview [former Patriots offensive lineman Ryan O'Callaghan], who didn't know him. You interview Leigh Bodden, who kind of played with him but was on IR [Injured Reserve]. Jermaine Wiggins didn't play with him. [Chris Borland] from San Francisco, who retired early, linebacker, didn't play with him. I don't even think he was in the league until, like, two or three years after all of this happened."

Now that the series has surfaced on Netflix, McCourty is hoping that everyone can move on. The family of the late Odin Lloyd has been receiving terrible messages from viewers, and there are many other individuals affected, including Hernandez's fiancee and daughter.

McCourty has seen the sad story, and he is now ready for it to be over. He wants people to "let it go" and move on to far more important things. As he said on the podcast, "let's stop digging into this."


(Photo Credit: Ian Johnson/Icon Sportswire via Getty Images)