2020 Masters: Watch Jon Rahm Make Incredible Hole-in-One by Skipping Golf Ball Across Water

The 2020 Masters don't officially begin until Thursday morning, but some competitors are already impressing fans with their shots. Jon Rahm is the latest to do so with an incredible hole-in-one shot on the 16th hole. Instead of launching his ball into the air, however, Rahm skipped it across a pond.

A video surfaced on Twitter Tuesday afternoon that showed Rahm lining up at the start of the hole. The ball sat on the ground instead of a tee. The professional golfer went through the motions and then hit the ball, sending it directly toward the water. The ball proceeded to skip across the pond, hitting the water three times, before landing on the green. It then took a long route and circled around to the hole.

This stunning shot was actually the second hole-in-one of the week for Rahm. He previously made one during practice on Monday and then further impressed with the pond shot on Tuesday. To make the moment more special for Rahm, he actually made the hole-in-one shot on his 26th birthday.

"That must be, without any question, the greatest hole-in-one in history. I'd like to see a better one," one person commented on social media after watching the video repeatedly. Others said that they can only relate to hitting the ball into the water; they just don't have the ability to make it skip across instead of sinking.

While thousands of people praised Rahm for the shot, one person took issue with it. This Twitter user said that it "shouldn't count" due to the shot not coming from the tee box. Although many others responded and explained that the golfers can't use the tee boxes at Augusta National due to the crews prepping them for the upcoming tournament.


With the jaw-dropping shot behind him, Rahm will now prepare to compete for the coveted green jacket during the 2020 Masters. He enters the weekend with 11-1 odds to win the tournament, per CBS Sports. He sits just behind Bryson DeChambeau (8-1) and Dustin Johnson (9-1).

Rahm is currently the second-ranked golfer in the world, just behind Johnson. He has never won the Masters but did finish fourth in 2018. Now he plans on achieving his goal during 2020's tournament while potentially making more hole-in-one shots in the process.