1996 Olympic Bombing Series 'Manhunt: Deadly Games' Airing on CBS This Fall

In 1996, a security guard at the Summer Olympics in Atlanta discovered a bomb and saved hundreds of lives in the process. However, he became a prime suspect in the investigation due to a "hero-bomber" theory. Decades later, viewers can relive this surprising incident and the subsequent search for the real bomber when Season 2 of Manhunt: Deadly Games hits CBS.

Originally a scripted true crime anthology series from Lionsgate, Manhunt: Deadly Games aired on Spectrum and told the story of security guard Richard Jewell, portrayed by Cameron Britton. He was the one that discovered the bomb at the Atlanta Olympics but had to defend himself against the FBI and the media during the ensuing investigation. Meanwhile, the ATF sought out a serial bomber named Eric Rudolph (Jack Huston). Authorities ultimately captured Rudolph and exonerated Jewell.

"I can't get a job, I can't open my curtains. Until the day I die, there will be people who believe I'm a murderer," Jewell says in the Manhunt: Deadly Games trailer. The brief glimpse also showed Rudolph during the massive manhunt in North Carolina, trying to elude agents in the woods.

The 10-episode run originally aired on Spectrum in February 2020. Now it will be air on CBS, starting on Monday, Sept. 21, starting at 10 p.m. ET. The series will then continue with the remaining episodes and showcase a story that captured the nation's attention.


Along with Britton and Huston, Manhunt: Deadly Games includes a solid group of actors. Judith Light plays Jewell's mother, Carla Gugino plays reporter Kathy Scruggs and Arliss Howard plays ATF bomb expert Earl Embry. Gethin Anthony portrays FBI agent Jack Brennon.

The Spectrum series is one of the multiple projects that told the story of Jewell and the 1996 Summer Olympics. Clint Eastwood also directed the film Richard Jewell in 2019. This film starred Paul Walter Hauser as the titular character and hit theaters in December. Richard Jewell was a hit with critics and fans alike, earning a "Certified Fresh" 77% rating on Rotten Tomatoes in critical reviews and a 96% rating among audiences.