'SEAL Team' Star Judd Lormand Reveals Which Professional Wrestler He Wants to Guest Star (Exclusive)

With NASCAR driver Austin Dillon appearing on SEAL Team Wednesday night, there will be inevitable questions about potential guest stars in the future. Will other drivers be featured, or will the show incorporate other professional athletes? Judd Lormand, the man who plays Lt. Commander Eric Blackburn, recently revealed to PopCulture.com that he would love to bring on a professional wrestler.

"If it were up to me, without a doubt, 100 percent," Lormand told PopCulture. "I think it's such a great tie-in, as far as some of the audience overlapping goes, as far as your military crowd, your NASCAR crowd, your wrestling crowd. There's quite an overlap in those circles. So if it was up to me, definitely.

"Will it happen? I don't know. I'm certainly going to keep lobbying for it. You might notice, in the episode with Austin Dillon, I'm wearing a T-shirt in the beginning for one of my favorite wrestlers growing up, Arn Anderson."

The shirt that Lormand wears during the episode doesn't specifically name Anderson, but it does include text that references his career. The shirt says "Arrive, Spinebuster, Leave."

As his clothing choices show, Lormand is a fan of wrestling, and he would prefer to see one of the prominent names make a guest appearance. But which one would he choose? Lormand is friends with AJ Styles, but his top choice would actually be the man formerly known as Goldust that has since joined All Elite Wrestling.

"I'll say this too, I'd love to have Dustin [Rhodes] on because I feel like Dustin's got that... Dustin, I think it would be a great guest on our show because he's got that rugged, nature vibe," Lormand said. "And I actually had the chance to watch the premiere of his movie [Copper Bill] that he did about a month ago. And yeah, he's a natural on-screen, as well."

If Lormand can make a guest appearance happen, it would likely take place in an upcoming season. SEAL Team is midway through the third season, and it's unclear if a fourth will happen. The show has reportedly been quietly renewed, but Lormand has not been informed.


"I have not heard anything at this point. We've been knee-deep in filming, trying to finish up season three. And we're so deep in the filming that honestly, I haven't even asked anyone lately," Lormand said. "But hopefully. We're all keeping our fingers crossed. I know that our audience really connects with the shows and the stories that we're telling. I think that we've got a lot of stories left to tell about what our servicemen and women do for this country."

Photo Credit: Getty/Mike Coppola for Entertainment Weekly (Lormand); All Elite Wrestling (Rhodes)