UFC 248: Watch Joe Rogan and Daniel Cormier's Epic Reaction to Beneil Dariush Knocking out Drakkar Klose

Saturday night, MMA fans tuned into UFC 248 with the expectation that there would be some major battles. The title bout between Israel Adesanya and Yoel Romero was the high-profile matchup, but Beneil Dariush stole the show with a surprising knockout. He even elicited wild reactions from commentators Joe Rogan and Daniel Cormier.

As the video showed on Saturday night, the two commentators were caught off-guard by the brutal hit. Rogan's eyes were wide with surprise while Cormier held his head while looking around. The two-time world champion was so stunned by Dariush's performance that he fell over and landed in Rogan's lap.

The knockout took place during the second round of the bout. There were some concerns among fans that Dariush was tired from grappling with Klose during the first round, but the Iranian-born fighter threw a flurry of punches and knees. He stunned Klose with one hit to the chin and then knocked him out with another direct shot.

Rogan and Cormier saw this surprising flurry of hits and the ensuing knockout and reacted with considerable shock. They hadn't seen a performance like this in quite some time and couldn't hold back their emotions.

"Calm down guys... your acting like Drunk Fans..unprofessional," one fan wrote on Twitter. The majority of MMA fans thought it was hilarious that Rogan and Cormier reacted in such a manner, but there were a few that didn't want them to show emotion on the job.

Those that wanted more decorum in the heat of the moment were in the minority, however, as the vast majority of MMA fans were truly enjoying the moment. They loved that this fight was able to elicit such reactions from those in attendance, as well as the announcers.

"DC and Rogan are the best combo on the desk, it's always hilarious," another MMA fan wrote in response to the video. They loved that Rogan and Cormier are always willing to show their emotions while providing commentary.


In the opinion of many fans, there is no better duo than Rogan and Cormier, especially after they reacted to UFC 248 and the stunning knockout. These fans are even hoping for more exciting bouts in the future so they can see even more wild responses.

(Photo Credit: Harry How/Getty Images)