Scott Steiner Blasted WWE Hall of Fame Just Before Hospitalization

When longtime professional wrestler Scott Steiner was hospitalized on Friday night, there were many fans that examined his career and wondered if he was in the WWE Hall of Fame. He has been active for roughly four decades, and believe he is deserving of the honor. However, Steiner doesn't actually care.

Days prior to his hospitalization, Steiner sat down with his brother, Rick Steiner, for an interview with "Sitting Ringside." During this discussion, the veteran was asked if Vince McMahon or WWE had reached out and discussed a possible spot in the Hall of Fame.

"First off, where in the f— is the Hall of Fame?" Steiner asked during the interview. "Ex-f—ing-actly, so how can you be in the Hall of Fame if it doesn't exist? It exists in Vince's mind. Do I give a f— if I rent space in Vince's mind?"

Steiner has made his point about the WWE Hall of Fame very clear in the past. Back in 2018, he talked to Wrestling Inc. and revealed that he doesn't put much stock into this creation by McMahon.

"Can you go someplace and say that it is legit when it doesn't exist? How can you say it is legit? It defies all odds," Steiner said during the conversation. "You cannot have a Hall of Fame if you cannot visit. It is the creation of someone's mind. It boggles my mind that people care about being in the Hall of Fame when it doesn't even exist."

To further his point, Steiner compared the WWE's Hall of Fame experience to going to a grocery store and finding out that there is no food available. In his mind, this just means that the entire thing is a joke.

"I don't give a f—. The Hall of Fame doesn't exist," Steiner continued. "You can't visit it. I get so sick of talking about it because it is so stupid. People take it so seriously. Some guys really just mark out for themselves and think of how great it is. It is freaking fake. It doesn't exist."


Steiner may not care about the Hall of Fame, but the fans would like to see him given the honor. Although they would simply prefer for him to get back to full health following his hospitalization.

Photo Credit: Monica Morgan/WireImage/Getty