Krissie Newman Has 2 Words for Good Friend After New Photo of Husband Ryan Gets Posted After Hospital Release

Ryan Newman's friends recently shared a new photo of the NASCAR driver, following his release from the hospital, and his estranged wife Krissie had just two words in response. Shared by Sherry Pollex, the photos features her and boyfriend Martin Truex Jr. hanging out with Newman. In response, Krissie tweeted back, "Love you," to Pollexx, and added a couple of winking kissy face emojis.

Many users have since replied to the post, with one writing, "Absolutely amazing! No better place to be than with friends! Love to see those smiles."

"I was a big fan of [Martin] and [Shelley] after hearing all they have done to raise awareness and just the amazing humans they are but to see them visit Ryan and take time out of there lives to visit a friend. Now I’m a huge fan. You two are incredible," commented another user.

"Just when I think the photo I see posted is the 'best one ever' another hits the air! So happy, relieved, joyful that the outcome is FAR better than a lot of people feared on Monday. Miracles are for real!" exclaimed someone else.

"This has made this grown man cry with excitement! I have watched racing since I was 17 and I'm almost 50. I have seen this man in some of the worst wrecks in #NASCAR history and after Monday night's race I thought we lost another great person. I'm so happy that he's ok. God Bless," offered one other fan.


"God must of been looking out for Ryan Newman. I don’t know how he went from being in serious condition to recovering at home in a matter of days especially after a wreck that bad, but it is incredible," said a fifth user.

Newman suffered a terrible crash during the final lap of the Daytona 500 on Monday. He was taken to the hospital and determined to be in serious condition, though his injuries were not life-threatening. He's since been released.