Snoop Dogg Fans Come to His Defense Amid Gayle King and Kobe Bryant Controversy

Snoop Dogg fans are coming to the rapper's defense amid the controversy he wound up in following Gayle King's heavily criticized Kobe Bryant questions. Last week, King took some heat for pressing WNBA star Lisa Leslie about Bryant's legacy, considering he was accused of sexual assault in the past. Snoop was one of those leading the charge against King, claiming that she has exerted a lot of effort on discussing the sexual assault claims against black men, such as Bryant, Michael Jackson and Bill Cosby.

Snoop eventually clarified his criticism, saying that he didn't actually want to encourage death threats or harm against King. Many of his fans are sticking by him, however, claiming that they see the situation from his perspective.

Using the hashtag "#IStandWithSnoop," fans of the iconic rapper ate taking to social media to share just why they support his stance.

"#IStandWithSnoop because he defended a personal friend, came back & clarified any misinterpretations about what he said and y’all still mad. Can we pick one of your personal friends or family members and attack them about something they probably did wrong in the past? Can we?" one person inquired.

"Nah Snoop did the right thing. He defended his dead friend. While Gayle King tried to throw dirt on a dead man's body and on dead man's family! #IStandWithSnoop #IStandWithKobe," another Twitter user wrote.


"How does a wonderful man who 'respectfully' dealt with a situation 17yrs ago, go on be a wonderful husband & get dragged through the dirt after a fatal accident with his daughter? Whilst SHE is silent on real rapists? #IStandWithSnoop," someone else added.

"I have absolutely no position on the #IStandWithSnoop or #IStandWithGayle controversy. I only have room for so much outrage, and I am maxed out in these troubled times," one last user added, choosing not to pick a side.