Houston Roughnecks Receiver Khalil Lewis Projectile Vomits on Field During XFL Debut

XFL wide receiver Khalil Lewis suited up for the Houston Roughnecks on Saturday with the intention of making big plays and helping his team start the season 1-0. However, he drew more attention for a different reason. Lewis was spotted projectile vomiting on the field before a play.

The incident took place during the first quarter of Saturday's game against the Los Angeles Wildcats at TDECU Stadium. Lewis had just gotten into his stance at the slot receiver position but leaned over and vomited onto the turf. None of the other players appeared to even notice and just continued to prepare for the ensuing play.

The offensive series continued without delay while Lewis remained on the field for his team. He caught two passes for 22 yards during the first quarter and served as a top option for quarterback Phillip Walker during the 37-17 victory. The former Cincinnati star finished his day with five receptions for 45 yards and one touchdown.

"This is why he's in the XFL," one user commented after watching the video. Others simply guessed that Lewis had been nervous about his first game in the XFL. This was simply one way to calm his stomach during the high-profile matchup.

Lewis isn't the first football player to vomit on the field and keep playing. Former Philadelphia Eagles quarterback Donovan McNabb did something similar during a 2006 game against the Tampa Bay Buccaneers.

The temperature was 90-plus degrees during the mid-season game, and McNabb simply vomited at the line of scrimmage and then called timeout. The Eagles ultimately defeated the Buccaneers after Matt Bryant made a 62-yard field goal.

While there were questions about the XFL's ability to entertain fans during the offseason, the response was fairly positive. There were some moments that left fans sitting in stunned silence, such as the projectile vomiting being shown on broadcast TV.

Another example of a surprising moment was the F-bomb that was dropped during an interview. ESPN's Dianna Russini was interviewing center Dillon Day of the Seattle Dragons. He had been called for a personal foul amid an on-field skirmish and punctuated his explanation with a swear word.

"We're trying to make stuff happen, and they're doing a little extra pushing and shoving," Day said. "We're trying to get our f—ing job done..." the audio cut out immediately after the swear word was heard, essentially ending the interview.


The first weekend was marked by some surprising moments, but the fans appeared to enjoy this upstart professional football league. Whether or not this enthusiasm continues with each passing week remains to be seen, but the viewers will be on the lookout for more vomit prior to big plays.

(Photo Credit: Ken Murray/Icon Sportswire via Getty Images)