Conor McGregor Praised as 'Humble' After Ditching Bombastic Behavior Around Donald 'Cowboy' Cerrone Fight

Conor McGregor is receiving all kinds of praise after defeating Donald "Cowboy" Cerrone at UFC 246. However one word being used to describe the controversial UFC fighter is one many longtime onlookers might expect: "humble." McGregor has long been known for his trash talk, on-camera exploits, messy legal history and explosive post-match reactions. However, he seemed much more composed in the lead-up to the match. Even after defeating Cerrone in under a minute, he embraced his opponent and his family just second after the fight was over.

Onlookers were very surprised to see how McGregor acted, with some crediting either the defeat at the hands of Khabib Nurmagomedov back at UFC 229 or the guidance of life coach Tony Robbins. Regardless, most were impressed with McGregor's composure.

"I think Conor has learned something after his defeat from Khabib. He more calm now, more respect, more humble," one Twitter user wrote. "That what makes him stronger than before! Great win from Conor F—in' McGregor!"

"McGregor super humble tonight very surprising. Who is this man [laughing out loud]," another fan wrote.

"I like Conor Mcgregor now. A humble proper sportman," a third Twitter user wrote.

"I like humble [Conor] better than the cocky one!" yet another wrote. "Beast mode! McGregor vs Masvidal make it happen!!"

However, not everyone is totally buying McGregor's behavior. Even this chilled reaction drew some backlash from doubters and those who loved his controversial attitude.

"Humble sober Conor is nice to see but boring. Drug lord Conor was sad but funny as f—," another fan wrote. "My favourite was featherweight destroyer, confident, cocky, Bruce Lee mindset McGregor. That was the one."


"McGregor so humble pre fight and post fight," another wrote. "Where assh— McGregor. Bring him back!!!!"

"I hate the new Conor McGregor man.. where is the trash talking and mental warfare at??" a third fan wrote. "Seeing him being humble is so fake."