Sugar Bowl: ESPN's Split Screen Presentation Receives Backlash From Fans

The Sugar Bowl was the prime-time game on New Year's Day and fans had a number of ways to watch the matchup between the Georgia Bulldogs and the Baylor Bears. On ESPN2, fans could watch the game via split-screen and that did not sit well with them. As soon as the game kicked off, fans went to Twitter to complain about the split-screen broadcast because there was too much going on. The fans that were complaining about the split-screen wanted to just watch the game and not worry about anything else.

"Please stop with the split-screen at the Sugar Bowl please," one fan wrote on Twitter. "Unless I can learn to have my left eye focus on the left screen and my right eye focus on the right, in which case this is absolutely brilliant."

"[ESPN] is making it impossible to watch the #SugarBowl with the continual split screen," another fan wrote. "Watching [HGTV] instead. Who had this stupid idea? Who approved it, which is worse!"


Fans also said the split-screen brought nothing to the table. And the longer fans watch the split-screen broadcast of the Sugar Bowl, the more annoyed they got with ESPN.

As mentioned, the split-screen was one of the few ways fans could watch the Sugar Bowl. If fans didn't like watching the split-screen on ESPN2, they could have switched over the ESPN and watched the game the traditional way. Because of that, it's very likely ESPN will continue with their split-screen option as it's not the only way to watch the game.