Daniel Cormier Passionately Spoke to Texas A&M Football 3 Days After Loss to Stipe Miocic

Daniel Cormier recently lost his heavyweight title due to a loss to Stipe Miocic, ending his reign as one of the most feared fighters in the UFC. This loss could have sent Cormier into hiding as he recovered from the loss, but that wasn't the case. The big man actually headed to Texas in order to provide some motivation.

The Texas A&M football Twitter account recently posted a video of Cormier giving a very passionate speech to the team. The purpose was to explain that grinding toward greatness is not easy and is often not enjoyable. However, accepting the pain and hard work and taking pleasure in it is far more rewarding in the long run.

"Fall in love with the grind," Cormier wrote. "Fall in love with the idea of getting up every morning, going to class knowing that the hardest part of the day is you gotta put on your pads and go out and practice. Fall in love with that though. Make yourself love that. Make yourself love that. Make that the best part of your day. And if you make that hard thing the best part of your day, everything else is easy."

As Cormier continued to explain, this mindset has been essential when he trains. His headgear smells so terrible that he almost throws up every single time he puts it on, but he just simply fights through nausea and gets to work. Cormier knows that sparring is the hardest part of his day, but he relishes the opportunity to train and improve.


Considering that Texas A&M has the National Champion Clemson Tigers on the schedule, along with Alabama and LSU, it's critical that this team works as hard as humanly possible in order to find any success. This schedule is extremely difficult, especially early, and the Aggies can't afford a mistake.

In order to achieve this goal, the Texas A&M football team has to truly embrace the grind and learn to love the hard moments. Only then will they begin to see the results against some of college football's best teams. Daniel Cormier embraced the grind and became a champion in two separate weight classes. Texas A&M just needs to learn from his example.