Colin Kaepernick Responds to Jay-Z's Comments With Photo on Instagram

When Jay-Z and Roc Nation inked a partnership deal with the NFL, there were immediate questions about whether or not Colin Kaepernick had given his blessing to the partnership and if money was taking precedence over racial inequality.To this point, not many answers have been provided while questions continue to bubble to the surface for many fans and players.

One aspect that has become clear in the fallout of the announcement, however, is that Kaepernick does not appear to be in favor of the rap icon's latest move at all.

Sunday morning, Kaepernick posted a photo on his Instagram account that showed Albert Wilson, Kenny Stills, and Eric Reid kneeling on the sidelines during the National Anthem. He included the caption.

"My Brothers [Eric Reed] [Kenny Stills] [Albert Wilson] continue to fight for the people, even in the face of death threats. They have never moved past the people and continue to put their beliefs into action. Stay strong Brothers!!!"

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This caption is pointed due to Jay-Z making a divisive comment during his joint press conference with the NFL where he expressed that he felt "we’re past kneeling. I think it’s time for action." When he was asked for clarification and if he wanted people to stop protesting, Jay-Z responded that he doesn't want them to stop protesting, despite the fact that kneeling is a form of protest.

He continued by saying that the kneeling was never about whether or not Kaepernick had a job in the league. This form of protest was used to bring attention to injustice, and now he thinks it's time to move past the kneeling and figure out what to do.


The rapper added that he supports any form of protest that is effective. If kneeling is the best way to inspire change, then stick with kneeling. However, he believes that this partnership with the NFL is a new way to highlight the injustice in the world and create change.

Unfortunately for Jay-Z, these comments only created more controversy and potentially widened the gap between those he wanted to bring together. Kaepernick and those that want to bring attention to racial inequality are nowhere near finished kneeling, and they still see value in this form of protest. It seems that players and their supporters will continue to keep protesting during the National Anthem as long they deem it necessary, even if Jay-Z does not see a use for kneeling.