Rock Band Slayer Deemed Too Awesome for NASCAR Sponsorship

Thrash-metal band Slayer has been making music and creating controversy since 1981, and that isn't changing after nearly 40 years. With their final tour in full swing, the band is examining other pursuits, one of which is sponsoring a car in NASCAR. Unfortunately for Kerry King and co., that partnership ran into a recent snag.

According to Vulture, Slayer was removed as sponsor of J.J. Yeley’s car just ahead of Saturday's NASCAR Monster Energy Cup Series at Bristol Motor Speedway in Bristol, Tennessee.

The reasoning, which was explained in a statement by the band, was the reactions by other long-term sponsors. According to ESPN, the new sponsor is PODS Moving & Storage.

“Today, reportedly due to reactionary concerns from other long-time participating sponsors, Slayer has been pulled as the primary sponsor,” the band said. “After nearly 40 years, Slayer apparently remains as terrifying to some as ever.”

In a statement by Rick Ware Racing, the partnership was announced without any contracts or transactions taking place. Additionally, the change in sponsor was ultimately made due to beliefs not aligning.

“Rick Ware Racing and Slayer announced a partnership for Bristol Motor Speedway several weeks ago. There were no contracts or monetary transactions between either parties. Unfortunately, Slayer’s brand image and beliefs, and Rick Ware Racing and our long-time partners’ image and beliefs do not align. As a team owner, we thought it would be best to forgo the partnership. RWR wishes nothing but the best to Slayer and their fans and wishes the band a successful Final World Tour.”

With albums such as Reign in Blood and Christ Illusion, Slayer has been no stranger to controversy and public outcry throughout their career. This is a band that has been accused of holding Nazi sympathies, being members of the white supremacy movement, and being Satanists. However, lead singer and bass player Tom Araya is actually Catholic and cites a strong belief system. Slayer just sings about the topics that they find fascinating.


In fact, Araya has said numerous times in the past that none of the accusations are true and that guitarist Kerry King has written some "really far out s—." If the song is good, he's not going to stand in the way of recording it. He believes that they are just words and they don't actually affect his belief system or the way he lives his life.

Unfortunately for Araya and Slayer, Rick Ware Racing and NASCAR do not agree with this sentiment. The sponsorship is no longer in place, and the previously released design will not be used. J.J. Yeley will simply promote storage pods while trying to help his team move ahead in the points.