Woody Harrelson Captured Wimbledon Viewers' Attention as He Lived It Up in the Stands

Woody Harrelson had a great time at Wimbledon, judging by viral photos and videos of the actor. Harrelson was at Day 12 of the Wimbledon 2019 Championships this weekend, where he had his fair share if wine while watching the games. After he was caught on the live broadcast, fans compiled Harrelson's antics in clips now circulating on social media.

Twitter is full of highlight reels from Harrelson's one-man-party at Wimbledon. The actor wore a light gray suit with a baby blue tie and, later, a pork pie hat, but his most important accessory was a glass of white wine. The 57-year-old actor was seen licking his lips distractedly, transfixed by the incredible match between the Colombian and French doubles teams.

The show-down went on for almost five hours, with Colombian players Juan Sebastian Cabal and Robert Farah finally coming out on top. They were the first team from their country to win a Grand Slam men's doubles title. Harrelson was there to witness the historic victory, or at least most of it.

At one point, Harrelson left his seat in between sets, likely heading to the bathroom or the bar. When he returned with a fresh glass of white wine, a guard held him up at the stairs. Harrelson was not allowed back to his seat until there was a break in play, but he watched from the entrance with a resigned expression on his face, drink in hand.

Harrelson even appeared to stumble on the steps, but he was unfazed by the near-fall. Finally, the guard let him pass just as a roar of applause went up, and the TV commentator took notice.

"Even Woody Harrelson is back with his cocktail!" they noted.

When Harrelson returned from his break, the hat came with him, and it caught the attention of his neighbors in the stands. He was sitting near Oscar-winner Mark Rylance and his wife, Claire van Kampen, who seemed amused by his wardrobe enhancement. She put her hands over her mouth to muffle her laughter at the sight, while Harrelson's wife, Laura Louie, adjusted the brim.

Between the hot sun, the excitement of the match and a break from his usual habits, Harrelson may have found that the wine hit him harder than expected. The actor is known for taking great care in his diet, and revealed that he adheres to a raw vegan diet more than a decade ago. Accordingly, he does not eat refined sugar or flour, so the sweet white wine might have been a bit of a shock to him.

In 2009, Harrelson co-starred in Zombieland as Tallahassee, a man on a single-minded mission to find a Twinkie in the middle of the zombie apocalypse. However, at the time he told Reading Eagle Press that those were special prop Twinkies made so as not to interfere with his diet.


"My character is searching for the ultimate comfort food, which to him is not another human being but a Twinkie," he said. "I'm not a Twinkie lover. I don't do sugar or dairy either. When we finally shot my Twinkie-eating scene in the movie, they had to give me a specially made mock Twinkie made of corn meal. It could spur a healthy Twinkie revolution."

Harrelson will reprise that role later this year when the long-awaited sequel, Zombieland: Double Tap hits theaters. The movie is slated for release on Oct. 11, 2019.