The Number 1 Reason Why Most Men Cheat Will Surprise You

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Men are finally coming clean as to why they cheat — and it's not exactly what we expected. So if you've been wronged by a significant other, check out these survey results before going all Carrie Underwood on his car (that can wait for later).

Superdrug's Online Doctor surveyed 2,000 admitted adulterers — European and American men and women. While we may think that men cheat on their partners because they're bored in their relationship or not "getting any" at home, we're actually wrong about that.

Turns out that the number one reason American and European men cheat on their partners is simply because the person they cheated with was too damn hot.

That's right, they stray because they can't resist the temptation of the other person.

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The second reason for American men cheating was because someone else was hitting on them, while the second reason for European men was a little more emotional: the other person was really there for them.

It's similar to both American and European women's top justification for cheating: their partner wasn't paying enough attention to them.

Sex factored in for American men only as the fourth most reason for cheating: they weren't having enough sex with their partner.


Check out the whole slew of survey results here, and in the meantime, maybe think about getting revenge the 21st century way.


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