Tamera Mowry Accidentally Said She Had an STD and Her Embarrassment Is Weirdly Endearing

Today's #GirlChat is VERY educational...

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Just to be clear, Tamera Mowry doesn't actually have a sexually transmitted disease, but her adorable slip-up is just too perfect to pass over.

When the co-hosts of The Real were discussing the difference between wants and needs in relationships on Wednesday, Mowry tried to drop some knowledge regarding lessons learned from her past relationships. But instead of teaching us about a healthy love life, the former Sister, Sister star just made us laugh—and cringe—a bit too much.

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"I was always attracted to the pretty, bad boy…," Mowry began with a serious tone. "Our relationships never ended right. I not only got burned, I got burnt."

Co-host Adrienne (Bailon) Houghton quickly jumped to her side, but needed to explain things to the self-proclaimed "goody goody two shoes girl". "You said you got burned and you got burnt," Houghton said. "That means you got an STD and you did not get that! Tamera did not have any burning sensations. She was not burnt."

Mowry's embarrassment and incessant chatter after the slip makes it clear that she in fact didn't get 'burnt.' And ironically, this conversation came seconds after she needed help understanding the slang meaning of 'milkshake.' (If you don't already know what it means, just let it go—please.)

The co-host promptly cleared the air. "Correction, correction! I did not, nor do I, I do not have an STD… Let me explain! I get [the phrase] from my mom.. She used to tell me, 'You play with fire, you're gonna get burned.' That's what I mean. I played with fire [laughter]… I'm not gonna talk anymore."

But after fanning off her blushed cheeks, Mowry finally circled back to her main point. "Moral of the story is I realized I was co-dependent on trying to fix a guy. I liked the fact that this guy needed me for help, and I didn't realize that was a pattern that I had for more than a year… That's when I realized that when a man shows you who you are, you better believe it."

"Keep your options open," she continued. "Obviously I did not marry a bad boy.. and I did not get burnt!" Husband Adam Housley, a Fox News senior news correspondent, will be glad to hear that.

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