Beat Bedroom Boredom: 5 Ways to Spice Things Up

While it might be a bit scary to realize you’re feeling bored in the bedroom, if you’re in a [...]

While it might be a bit scary to realize you're feeling bored in the bedroom, if you're in a long-term relationship, it's totally normal. Never fear, though; there are some easy ways to keep things interesting. Read on for our tips on keeping things interesting with your long-term love.

Share your fantasies

People's preferences are always changing, so what might have once worked for you or your partner in the beginning of your relationship might be completely different now. Talking about what turns you both on now will make sex more pleasurable and more exciting for both of you.

Change the scenery

If you only have sex in the bedroom, try changing up the location of your nooky to spice things up. Explore a new room in the house, or, if finances allow, book a room at a nearby hotel. The change in venue will add novelty and freshness to the experience, making it more enjoyable for both of you.

Share your feelings

When you first fall in love, you probably told your partner that you loved him or her all the time. But as relationships continue, people often forget to show their partners love and appreciation in the same ways they did early on in the relationship, which can lead to feelings of under-appreciation and dissatisfaction that translate into a lack-luster bedroom experience. Make a point of telling your partner how much you want and appreciate them and detail the reasons why you love them. This will deepen your emotional connection and steam things up in the bedroom.

Have some distance

The saying goes that absence makes the heart grow fonder, and it also helps to heat things up in the bedroom. Studies have shown that people feel most attracted to their partners when they aren't there. This doesn't mean you need to move to the far corners of the earth to create some space. Even spending time apart socially helps to increase the anticipation and the erotic imagination, making your reunion all the more sexy.

Try a different kind of sexual intimacy

If you find yourself getting bored with even the most exciting positions in traditional penis-in-vagina sex, trying taking a break and focusing on pleasuring each other through touch and taste. Doing so allows you both to slow down and focus on each other's pleasure, increasing intimacy and giving you a chance to rediscover the magic of being aroused by each other.

Try these tricks the next time your sex life could use a boost and prepare to reap the benefits.

Article written by: Emily Keyes. Follow her here.

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