Expert Advice: Do This to Keep Your Sex Life Exciting

What does your overall nightly routine look like with your partner? Catch up on your shows, brush your teeth, go to bed and talk for a while until you drift off to sleep, punctuated by a quick romp in the hay if you're lucky?

The routine of sex can actually wear down your relationship and libido. In fact, a recent study found that both women and men show a lack of interest in sex after they've been in a long-term relationship for more than one year.

"A lot of couples struggle when their sex lives become too routine," David Klow, L.M.F.T., author of the upcoming book, You Are Not Crazy: Love Letters From Your Therapist told Women's Health.

Because you're likely to know exactly when and where your next orgasm is coming from, it makes sex less exciting. Even when you're finally turned on and ready to go, you can probably predict your partner's every move, right?

In order to make sex more steamy, hot and fun, one expert has some advice you won't want to miss. Wendy Walsh, Ph.D, the author of The 30-Day Love Detox, explained to Women's Health why exactly we tire of that same old routine.

"People learn to play each other's instruments, and then they go to the same two spots," she said. "But you become accustomed to that and you can become numb emotionally and physically. Then things just don't work as well as they did before."

Walsh says one way to vary your sexual encounters is to match your positions to your mood. Just as your dates with your partner range from romantic to passionate depending on your mood, sex can too! For example: Craving emotional intimacy? Go with missionary. Craving control? Try the cowgirl. Ready to rip each others' clothes off? Try any one of these steamy positions. There are even positions for those days when you're horny but also feeling pretty lazy (welcome to the Twisted Spoon).


By matching your moods to your sex positions, your romp in the hay will feel more authentic, allowing your libido to catch up and give you that sought-after perfect orgasm.

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