7 Date Ideas for Spring

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A night of cuddles with Netflix and wine might seem like an über romantic evening for two, but spring has officially sprung and that means one thing — time to head outdoors for some fresh air, Womanistas!

Flowers aren’t the only thing blossoming during springtime. In a season of romance and bloom, it’s time to add a little more spring in your romantic step. Whether you’re in a long-term relationship, newly coupled or heading on a first date with that cutie of your dreams, there are a bounty of exciting ways to add some zest in your spring date.

Whether it’s in a corn field off the highway or a cozy spot in your backyard, nothing is more romantic and screams “spring date” than stargazing with your partner. Easily set up with a blanket, a bottle of wine, and plenty of conversation, it’s an evening that is bound to be memorable. If you don’t have music on hand, be open to the opportunity of dancing together under the Flower Moon in your bare feet — we did say it was romantic, right? If the night lasts longer than expected, you might even see the sunrise.

Plan a picnic
After a cold hard winter of fuzzy socks and hot chocolate, going on a picnic is the quintessential spring date. Before temperatures reach sweaty peaks, eat al fresco in the park or by the lake by packing up some sandwiches, that pasta salad recipe you were itching to make since last year and grab a cooler of root beers. Of course, you can bring wine too if you want to amp up the romance, but first check what your local parks state about public consumption of alcohol.

Go to a baseball game
Baseball, beers, and ballpark franks are the epitome of spring. Even if you’re not a fan of the sport, half of the fun is just spending time with your loved one in the stands with foam fingers and yummy snacks. Whether it’s major or minor-league, baseball games are extremely entertaining, especially since you’re amidst a crowd of very excited people who are often gung-ho about the game. All that excitement and energy might even turn you to gain a deeper interest as well.

Check out a national park
National and wilderness parks are not only gorgeous locations to visit during the warmer months, but they’re also pretty frugal date ideas. Since summer is the busiest time for tourists hitting the park scene, spring is ideal for planning a romantic afternoon for two. These parks offer plenty to do and see with trails and scenic views perfect for hiking, chatting, and capturing romantic moments while alone in forested settings.

Explore together
Coming out of our cave of hibernation to a world of color means everything is up for exploration. From local festivals to playing tourist in your own backyard, a lot really changes after winter and it’s time to explore it together. If you look hard enough, there’s never a shortage of fun in your neck of the woods. From outdoor concerts, foodie fairs, and farmer’s markets, the two of you will come across something exciting and perhaps a new springtime favorite.


Work up a sweat
There is more than just one way to work up a sweat and have your heart racing. Between hiking, running, and hitting the weights, exercising together is the perfect spring date for couples who love being active. As a way to strengthen a relationship and keep things playful, Psychology Today reports couples who engage in exciting physical challenges or activities together report feeling more satisfied with their relationships and in love with their partner.

Something new
With spring here, there’s no better time to try something new! Not only can a fresh, shared experience strengthen the bond between couples, but it can also create awesome memories that you two will look back at fondly. Whether it’s rock-climbing classes or dance lessons that bring out your best Channing and Jenna Dewan-Tatum, the possibilities of uncovering the unexpected together are endless.