5 Best Positions for Quickie Sex

Let’s be honest: sometimes, for whatever reason, a quickie with your lover is exactly what you need. Although a lengthier session with your partner can produce a longer, more intense orgasm (especially for ladies), quickies can still give you great satisfaction and mind-blowing orgasms.

Quickies are great options if you’re short on time, a little tired before bed or even if you’re just in the heat of the moment. Making time for a quickie every day, or very often, isn’t just great for your relationship, but also for your health.

Below are a few of our favorite quickie positions that are exciting and satisfying for both you and your partner.

1. Sideways 69

Sideways 69 is a great option if you’re short on time but want to feel the intensely satisfying reward of foreplay. Utilizing this adjusted version of the standard 69 position takes away the pressure of supporting each other's body weight and allows a woman to open her legs more — optimizing pleasure and sexuality.

2. Soapy Shower

Whether you’re headed into work or just going out, the shower is a great place for a quickie. The added suds, water and sensuality take the pleasure to a whole new level. Depending on the size of your space, the positions themselves can be relatively limited, but not in a bad way! You may be surprised at your newfound passionate flexibility and the positive impact it has on your pleasure.

Added bonus, period sex!

3. Wrapped Butterfly

If you or your partner are sitting down, working from home, or watching a game then this is a great position for you. Have your partner on his/her knees, and wrap your legs around their upper body. This is an ideal position for G-spot penetration and allows for flexibility for fondling or petting.

4. Doggy Style

This position is a classic but it’s fantastic if you use it as a quickie position. Why? It’s sexy in a primal way. You don’t even need to take off all your clothes. Your partner can penetrate you deeply and you have the added flexibility of being able to reach around and touch yourself. In just a few minutes, both you and your partner will be on the brink of orgasm.

5. The Lotus

The Lotus position is insanely intimate while also undeniably pleasurable. Wrapping yourself around your partner allows deep penetration and easy access to nipples, clitoris or even sensitive areas of the neck. The position itself is conducive to a great rhythm between both partners, leading to great stimulation and reward.


Quickies do not always have to sacrifice one partners satisfaction or comfort. If anything, throwing a quickie into the mix really spices up relationships and sex drives. There are countless positions to try. Wander over to your local sex shop and take a look at some of the books, outfits and toys to add even more heat.

Article by Stephanie Puchacz. Follow her here.