'World of Dance' Judge Derek Hough Adds New Twist to Popular Dance Competition

World of Dance Season 3 is off to a death-defying start, but it doesn't stop there. New changes [...]

World of Dance Season 3 is off to a death-defying start, but it doesn't stop there. New changes are on the horizon for the popular dance competition all thanks to the show's judge, Derek Hough.

In an exclusive interview with PopCulture.com, Hough shared some exciting news fans can look forward to.

"In the next round, there's a thing called the redemption round which is my addition to the show, and that starts next week," Hough told PopCulture.com. "The two highest scoring people who get knocked out will come back in the end of the show and basically go head-to-head to the same song, like a dance battle."

"It just makes for some of the most cinematic and dramatic thing we've ever had on the show," he continued. "It's amazing. It's my favorite part of the show."

The trend of a redemption round is something that's catching on among reality television, but not like this. This new addition isn't the only change Hough, Jennifer Lopez and Ne-Yo have made this season. The judges have raised the bar right off the bat in the qualifiers by upping the score to 85 or above. So long as an act can make that, they'll proceed to the next round.

Although the score change brought competition to new heights, the redemption round is what allows the viewers and judges to see a different side of each performer.

"What ends up happening is that you see a side of them that you didn't see before, because there's a sort of do or die, nothing to lose, all on the line," he said excitedly. "When those stakes get high, something magical happens, it's just really exciting to see."

World of Dance fans will continue to witness the show's evolution but the relationships between Hough, Lopez and Ne-Yo is a change that continues to advance each year. Hough says their connection allows them to have "a little bit more fun" and adds "great energy" on and off the camera.

"Even Jennifer is asking me about, like 'Why don't I have kids yet' and 'Why am I not married,'" Hough admitted. "It's definitely that brother-sister relationship."

He even shared his excitement for Lopez and Alex Rodriguez's recent engagement saying he was "just thrilled for them!"

Though he shares a closeness with the "Dinero" singer, the bond he shares with the Ne-Yo is a little different.

"Ne-Yo and I are just goofballs. We're always just messing around and just messing with the audience during the break — singing to them or running out and giving them food," he said.

World of Dance not only took NBC by storm but the platform it's given the dancers, choreographers and judges is immeasurable. Dancers from prior seasons will be joining Hough on his new solo tour that kicks off in April as well as choreographers. Lopez has also used talent from the show for her music videos.

"It's a great opportunity not just to win a million dollars, but also just to be sort of exposed and have other opportunities within the dance community."

World of Dance airs every Sunday at 8 p.m. ET on NBC.