Is 'Sister Wives' Returning For Season 14?

The last season of Sister Wives wrapped up a few months back, leaving questions about whether the show was going to ride off into the sunset or continue on. Family drama between Kody Brown and his wives, including disputes over a move to Flagstaff, Arizona, helped fuel rumors the show was finished.

But it would seem those were just rumors. According to CheatSheet, the presence of camera crews in Flagstaff and around the Brown clan may indicate that filming for season 14 is underway.

This is good news for fans of the show because they were left hanging at the end of season 13 due to Kody Brown's desire to have one big home for his entire family to live in. As we saw in the finale of season 13, the idea did not sit well with Brown's four wives.

“I would happily live next door to [my sister wives] for the rest of my life. Absolutely," Christine Brown said on the episode. "With them? No, no. Have you met them?” Brown also shared her feelings on the giant house idea on Twitter.

Another hint that another season is on the way comes from Mariah Brown's Instagram Story. She currently lives in Chicago with fiancee Audrey Kriss, but shared that she and Kriss "love their camera crew" according to InTouch. She also shared a photo axe throwing, meaning she likely has been spending some time with her mother, Meri Brown, who showed off her new hobby on her own account.

(Photo: Instagram/Mariah Brown)

Despite these hints, TLC has not officially renewed the series just yet. CheatSheet adds that the network is "notoriously quiet" about renewals and cancellations of their series. So if cameras are present, it may be the only indicator for fans that the Brown family will return.

The Brown family is likely also very hopeful the show returns. As the website points out, the family relies on the money made from the series. This stands at around $20,000 to $40,000 per episode, split between the adults on the series. Meaning, Kody Brown and his wives are likely pulling in between $52,000 and $104,000 each season.


Without the show, the family would have to rely on Meri Brown's Utah business and any jobs they have aside from the series. This is on top of their alleged financial troubles, real estate deals, other properties in other states.

That said, there is still story to tell and reports indicate that TLC would be interested in at least one more season for the family. With the family drama that has been reportedly playing out on social media and the ongoing possibility that the family could face charges for polygamy, there are plenty of reasons to keep the series going.