'Vanderpump Rules' Star Tom Sandoval Reveals He Gets Botox Above His Ears

Tom Sandoval might just be the best-groomed guy on Vanderpump Rules. The reality star recently dished on his beauty secrets, revealing the unusual way he keeps his hair in place to PEOPLE.

Sandoval, 35, told the magazine he gets Botox above his ears to prevent his hair from moving in a way he doesn't want. The TomTom co-owner told PEOPLE it's strictly "preventative," adding that he doesn't get it in his forehead because he likes "the movement."

"My eyebrows are a very expressive part of my look and my personality, so it's just not something I really do," Sandoval told the outlet. "You know what, though, I have done it! Just above my ears, I've done Botox. When I smile, my ears move up a lot, and it keeps my hair from going over my ears."

Sandoval added that so far, he's only gotten it done two times. The Bravo TV personality noted that Botox lasts a while, so there's no need to keep rushing back for more.

"I've done it twice, and it lasts a long time," he told PEOPLE.

Keeping up his appearance may seem high maintenance, but Sandoval said it's all worth it, adding that every guy who's on camera often has an equally lengthy routine. He said most men in Hollywood wear a little makeup from time-to-time or have little procedures done, to be sure they look their best during important moments like on-screen appearances, award shows, and the like.

"People might give me s---, but every person on camera that you see in Hollywood, every person that you see at award ceremonies, every guy, they're all wearing some sort of little powder, a little concealer," he said. "It's funny because these are all things that [Tom] Schwartz and Jax [Taylor] and a lot of my guy friends, they all do. I guess I'm the only one that kind of owns up to it!"

Maintaining a camera-ready appearance is one of Sandoval's biggest struggles now that he's a big-time reality star. He admitted to PEOPLE that most viewers, especially girls, likely don't realize how much effort men have to put into looking good for the camera. Women on reality shows may argue that they have the same, if not more, pressure to look good on camera, but Sandoval said he believes men struggle in a slightly different way.


"I think the biggest struggle that guys have to deal with, that maybe girls don't in a sense, is that you've got to take care of yourself, but you can't look like you do, in a way," he said. "Does that make sense?"

"For instance, every once in a while, I'll trim up my leg hair or whatever," he shared. "But it's hard because you can't overdo it. Otherwise, it looks really bad. In my opinion. It's like, you got to look like you didn't try too hard, so it's this weird fine line that takes some time to sort of master."