Here's Where Honey Boo Boo Is Reportedly Living While Mama June Gambles With Boyfriend Geno

It would seem one major part of "Mama June" Shannon's life isn't with her at the moment as she continues to gamble in Alabama. While she has been spotted with boyfriend Geno Doak, her youngest daughter, 13-year-old Alana, has been forced away to live with her older sister according to TMZ.

The latest reports indicate that Alana is living with 19-year-old sister Pumpkin, real name Lauryn, who is now acting as the "de facto guardian" to the reality star better known as Honey Boo Boo.

The living arrangement has been ongoing for several months according to TMZ, with Alana pitching in to help look after her sister's 1-year-old daughter Ella. TMZ adds that family sources have indicated that Mama June "rarely see her family these days" and her daughters are keeping their distance because they know she is going through a tough time and want to avoid "drama."

(Photo: Instagram / Honey Boo Boo)

This decision follows a few rough months for the reality star and her family. Mama June and Doak were arrested at a gas station in Alabama in March. Police were called to the scene due to a domestic dispute between the couple where Doak allegedly threatened to kill the reality star. After he was taken into custody, he admitted to having a syringe. This led to the police searching the vehicle, finding crack cocaine, and taking Shannon into custody too.

After the arrest, a judge ordered Doak to stay away from Shannon but the couple were later spotted together at a nearby Alabama casino late at night. Mama June also requested that the order be waived due to her ongoing health issues and claims that she is legally blind, with Doak aiding her with daily activities.

Since the arrest, Mama June has been hit with trouble after trouble. Her legal representation left her recently after refusing to respond to requests, leading to the lawyer to claim the couple were "failing to comply with the attorney/client agreement."

Later reports indicated that Shannon was "breaking" under the pressure of the case, feeling pressure with her health issues, and dealing with the see-saw groove of her relationship with Doak.

She has also been dealing with allegations that Doak is cheating and sexting other women, something that has also played out in front of the camera on her WeTV reality series Mama June: From Not to Hot.


Stemming from the arrest and the cheating allegations, Shannon's family reportedly wants Doak out of her life and feels he is a bad influence. Doak has denied all the allegations.

"Contrary to what some may lead you to believe I do not have any children that are frightened of me. I've been beyond nice and will continue to be as long as my image and me are left alone. Call my bluff if you must. Thank you have a day," Doak captioned an image of himself giving the camera a middle finger.