'Wheel of Fortune' Fans Are Smitten With Vanna White's Hawaiian Family New Year's Photo

Vanna White has had a pretty good end of the decade. The Wheel of Fortune mainstay just finished hosting the long-running game show for the first time in her tenure, showed off her unique Christmas sweater game and even got a chance to christen a new cruise ship in between it all.

There was also her New Year's photo alongside her family and long-time boyfriend John Donaldson, posing alongside her daughter Giovanna, son Nicholas and Donaldson with flower leis and a tropical vibe to close out 2019.

"Happy New Year from our family to yours," White captioned family snapshot and added a hashtag for "2020."

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Much like her Christmas post, fans swarmed the image and dropped plenty of interesting comments and well-wishes to the game show icon and her family.

"Same to you Vanna you have done a great job filling in for Pat keep up the good work," one wrote.

"[You] the shortest one !! short people have all the fun!!" another fan added, pointing out her height.

"Happy New Year's. Great job last month," a third wrote commenting on White's hosting skills.

Other comments were aimed at the TV personality's kids and how they seem to carry a lot of their mother's spirit with them.

"[What] a beautiful family your have . Happy New Year to your and your family," one fan wrote.

"Happy New Year to you and your family! Much Aloha to you, too!" another fan wrote, echoing that tropical vibe.

"Your children have your lovely smile !!!!! Lucky them," a third pointed out.

Closing out the year was stressful and special for the long-time TV icon. She was taken out of her letter-turning comfort zone after normal host Pat Sajak was forced to bow out temporarily due to emergency surgery. As she told Us Weekly, it is a role she never thought she'd be filling in her career and she considered it an act of sacrifice toward the show.

"It was good," White told Us Weekly. "It was different. It was fun. But I'm glad he's back. … I learned that I was very uncomfortable doing it and agreeing to do it because it was just so out of my comfort zone, but I learned that I could step up to the plate if I had to."


"I have never even thought of hosting the show," White continued. "Never crossed my mind. But obviously, I stepped in, took one for the team to fill in for him because I'm very familiar with the show after all these years. And our executive producer thought I was the perfect person to do that in his absence."