Wells Adams Makes Suggestively Cheeky Comment on 'Bachelor' Colton Underwood's New Photo

Wells Adams could not help himself after seeing one of Bachelor Colton Underwood's latest [...]

Wells Adams could not help himself after seeing one of Bachelor Colton Underwood's latest Instagram posts.

The latest Bachelor took to Instagram Friday and shared a photo of himself cuddling girlfriend Cassie Randolph on an airplane showing them both asleep.

"let's go home and be normal," he captioned the Instagram photo.

(Photo: Instagram / @commentsbycelebs)

The couple went on a trip after going public with the relationship following the latest season finale to make television appearances together, and it looks like they were ready for some time off together.

Many members of Bachelor Nation liked the adorable image, but Adams' x-rated comment was especially noteworthy.

As first captured by Comments by Celebs, the Bachelor in Paradise star made a joke about Underwood's virginity, which played a big storyline during his season.

"From virgin to mile high club," he wrote. "Giggity."

The "giggity," E! News writes, refers to the Family Guy character Quagmire's frequent catchphrase on the show.

Underwood and Randolph previously commented on how he believed his virginity storyline was "overplayed" during the season, and while host Chris Harrison kept hoping the former NFL player would divulge if he had lost his virginity to his new partner, they refused to spill the beans.

"I hope he and the show respect the decision that we've made together, because we are a couple now, there's two people in this relationship. That topic is something that...she is firm in her beliefs on as well," Underwood told the outlet after the finale aired.

"It's also just like an awkward conversation to be discussing this," Randolph added.

"I hope people respect that," Underwood said of not talking further about his sex life. "I don't know what their take is gonna be on it. It's just something we talked about and as open and as candid as I've been, now that there's two of us in this relationship..."

"I feel like you kind of opened that door, and then it almost got taken advantage of a little bit, so close the door, because the more you leave it open, people are just gonna keep [taking advantage]," Randolph responded.

"We're slamming the door shut," agreed Underwood.

While talking about his virginity seemed to be taken as a marketing ploy as the show aired, Underwood said he appreciated that the discussion allowed for others to open up about safeguarding their virginity.

"I can't tell you how many people have come up to me and said, hey, I just want to let you know I'm a virgin too, or I waited until I got married to lose my virginity," he says. "So it's sort of given people a safe space to confide in, like, this is normal, this is OK."

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