Jax Taylor Admits to Cheating With 'Vanderpump Rules' Alum

After vehemently denying he had cheated on Brittany Cartwright in the season premiere of Vanderpump Rules, Jax Taylor is admitting that he was, indeed, unfaithful.

Taylor finally came clean on Monday's episode of the Bravo show, admitting that he did sleep with his former SUR coworker Faith Stowers while with Cartwright.

This prompted his girlfriend of more than two years to tell him to "rot in hell."

"I wasn't thinking. It was one of my usual mess ups. I really really really regret what I did," Taylor told Us Weekly. "It was just a huge mistake that we are actually working out right now. This was shot many months ago so we're working through it and we're in a good place right now."

The Bravo bad boy has a history of cheating on his significant others, but has insisted he's trying to clean up his act while with Cartwright.

"If something is going [well] I tend to sabotage it by doing something wrong, instead of doing the right thing by talking it out," Taylor admitted to the publication. "I tend to try to get out of relationships and this was my attempt to get out of something I really didn't want to get out of. It was a stupid mistake that I'm paying for every day."

In the season premiere, Stowers dished on the affair to cast member James Kennedy.

While working as a live-in caretaker of a 95-year-old woman, Stowers got a message from Taylor on Twitter, who she claims came to that house and had unprotected sex in front of the sleeping elderly woman.

"He was like sucking my toes," she recounted to a freaked out Kennedy. "It was a situation."

Despite the scandalous encounter, Taylor told Us his behavior "wasn't about the person."

"I couldn't care less about that. It was a situation that I was in. It had nothing to do with that person. She was there for camera time and I'm not even going to entertain her," Taylor said. "It wasn't about her. It was about what I was dealing with in my relationship and the actions I took to try to sabotage my relationship."

Taylor said he's now trying to save his relationship with Cartwright, saying he thinks that "of course" he could handle being monogamous one day.

"I'm going to therapy and getting some help and trying to better myself because I have some issues that I'm working out," he said. "I'm trying to fix that."


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Photo credit: Instagram/@mrjaxtaylor