Tristan Thompson Refused to Watch His Khloe Kardashian Cheating Scandal Play out on 'KUWTK'

The Sunday, Nov. 4 episode of Keeping Up With the Kardashians saw the aftermath of the cheating allegations against Tristan Thompson that were originally reported in April, with the Kardashian family, including Thompson's girlfriend, Khloé Kardashian, reacting to the allegations during the hour-long show.

While Kardashian watched and even live-tweeted the episode, it seems Thompson wasn't so keen to relive the moment, with a source telling Us Weekly that the NBA player decided against watching the episode with Kardashian.

"Khloé had already watched the episode before it aired and asked Tristan if he wanted to view it with her. The response was a firm no," the source said. "He is focused on basketball, and the Cavaliers are struggling this season. This only creates further distractions, and there wasn't any need for it."

"Tristan expected her to tweet during the episode because that is what Khloé does under normal circumstances," the insider added. "It's Tristan's hope going forward that things in their personal life will remain private."

Kardashian and Thompson's relationship has been in the press constantly for months, and the source said the attention "has only added to ongoing tensions" between the couple.

"Tristan is acutely aware of the impact dating a Kardashian has on his career," the source said. "It's something that he has expressed more concern about to his friends in recent weeks."

Kardashian has been open with her fans about how difficult it was for her to watch the episode, initially noting that while she wasn't thrilled to relive the events, she and her family did sign on to share every part of their lives on camera.

"Tonight's episode is an uncomfortable and super emotional one for me, but when we signed up for this show over a decade ago, we signed up for a reality show, which meant showing you guys inside our lives, the good, the bad and the ugly," she wrote.

"To relive these moments all over again is incredibly difficult emotionally but I also hope that with every trail, tribulation and curve ball life throws at us, that we ALL get to learn from our journeys," she continued.

The Good American designer also included a sweet shoutout to her daughter, True, who she welcomed just days after the cheating allegations against Thompson surfaced.


"Amidst the tough times, I have been blessed with the ultimate gift, my sweet baby True who has changed my life in ways I never could have imagined," she wrote.

Photo Credit: Getty /Phillip Faraone