'Total Divas' Stars Lana and Rusev in Trouble With WWE Over Beach Photoshoot

This week's episode of Total Divas saw Lana and husband Rusev get in some serious hot water after [...]

This week's episode of Total Divas saw Lana and husband Rusev get in some serious hot water after the pair participated in a racy photo shoot they staged as part of a publicity stunt.

A teaser clip from the show sees the couple being called into talent relations director Mark Carrano's office after said photo shoot went viral, something Carrano was not exactly happy about.

"I get a call to go to Carrano's office," Lana says in an interview. "Ugh, back at the principal's office."

"So you guys had a pretty interesting weekend, huh?" Carrano queries of the pair once in his office. "I'm not a big Twitter guy as you know or Instagram, but the one that I found which was really cool was this one on celebrities uncovered naked, nude photos."

The photos in question see the couple seemingly in the nude as they pose on the beach, their arms and legs wrapped around each other.

After Carrano showed Lana and Rusev the photos he had found, the couple did their best to explain that the situation wasn't what it looked like.

"Well, we were doing a publicity stunt to promote our movie that is coming out, but the funny part is that we weren't really, really, really naked," Lana tells her boss. "And you gotta trust us on this one," Rusev adds, his wife chiming in, "You gotta believe us."

Lana explains to the camera that she understands the WWE is a PG company and wouldn't purposefully do something to fly in the face of the brand's image.

Despite Lana's mention that she didn't think it would be an issue since she and Rusev weren't really nude, Carrano wasn't so convinced.

"Hey, did anybody call and say, 'Hey Mark, FYI we're doing this so you can cover our tails so we all don't get in trouble,'" he told the couple.

The director added, "Guys, we work at a PG company. This is unacceptable. What are the eight year old girls who follow you think about this?"

Ultimately, he reminded Lana and Rusev that communication is key when it comes to the WWE, to which they agreed.

Total Divas fans know that Lana's social media antics have gotten her in trouble with the WWE before after she used social media to comment on the result of one of her matches after she had been told she would not be wrestling on television.

Ultimately, WWE's creative team backed Lana up in that instance, and she was later given a rematch.

Total Divas airs Wednesdays at 9 p.m. ET on E!.

Photo Credit: E!