'Total Divas': Paige and Lana Nearly Come to Blows in Heated Confrontation

Looks like even a girls' trip to Lake Tahoe won't fix the relationship between Lana and Paige.

The Total Divas stars kept it civil through most of their group trip on Wendesday's episode of the E! reality show, but exploded in a major blow out by the vacation's end.

The drama all started with a disagreement over the bedroom in their vacation rental, when Lana was shafted when it came to room selection, and the two got into it over Lana deciding she would rather share a room with Paige instead.

"This is why I never like you, Lana, because you're a f—ing brat," Paige told her fellow WWE star after she refused to leave the room, threatening to punch her in the face.

"Seriously, she's making me f—ing livid right now," Paige told Nia Jax, who explained to the camera, "Paige and Lana don't always get along, because I know Paige has a lot of pent up anger against Lana."

Lana admitted to the camera later that while she might not have been her best self at the time, she was shocked at Paige's aggressive reaction towards her.

"I can feel myself being a brat, because I'm not getting my way, but the more she yells at me, the more I refuse to give in and get up, because who is she to say what I'm supposed to do?"

Lana declared to the women that she was officially leaving the trip, but Paige stood by her treatment of the departing wrestler, calling her a "douchebag" and revealing that the root of their issues was a tweet Lana sent three years ago saying that the wrestler was "mean and disrespectful."

"Ever since then, I haven't been good with you," Paige told a shocked Lana, who explained to the cameras that the tweet was in part meant about Paige's character at the time, but also because she felt "mistreated and yelled at" by the veteran wrestler when she came on board at the WWE.

The two nearly came to blows before Paige stormed off, and Lana admitted she was hurt over the fact that Paige said she hated her. But with some slight prodding from her boyfriend, Paige decided to be the bigger person, and apologize for "going too far."

In the end, both women apologized for their actions, but it's clear the two women have a lot to go to fully being friends.

"I forgive Paige, but I still have a lot of hurt in my heart," Lana told the cameras.


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Photo credit: E!