Tori Roloff Celebrates Jackson's 5-Month Milestones in Style

Little People, Big World cast member Tori Roloff has been spending every day with her infant son, while learning firsthand as a new parent that babies grow very fast.

On Thursday, Roloff snapped a photo of her son Jackson as he lay sprawled out on a baby mat of numbers, with pumpkins placed around the five-month mark.

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"Jackson is grabbing everything," Roloff wrote alongside the image of her son decked out in some stylish threads from Gap Kids. "He is super smiley in the morning and slightly grumpy in the evening."

She adds that bath time is still their favorite and the infant can now "lift himself up on his stomach."

"He loves making noises with his feet. We can feel his first two teeth coming in," she wrote alongside a sad faced emoji. "He has been sleeping in his own room all month and is rockin' it!"

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Roloff writes that their son also loves hanging out the pumpkin patch. On Sunday, Roloff shared images from Jackson's "first weekend" at the patch, revealing to fans and followers that it was a success.

In the series of images shared by Roloff, the doting mom can be seen with her husband, Zach and their son Jackson along with her in-laws, Audrey and Jeremy.

In one of the images, Roloff shares a sweet snap with her sister-in-law, Audrey as the two smile for the cameras with their babies in a bjorn.